Let an expert handle your Instagram
They'll do the heavy lifting of your organic Instagram content,
so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love.
Starting at $499/month
You receive:
Target Audiences:
Strategically defined target audiences for your business.
Content Pillars:
Comprehensive content pillars designed to attract, convert, and retain your customers.
Key Date Identification:
Key dates that are important for your business, so you don't miss the conversation.
Brand Guide:
A detailed brand guide that ensures your Instagram is always on-brand.
Weekly Content Plan:
Three expertly crafted posts and stories each week, ready to go.
Graphic Creation:
Professional graphics for your posts and stories that adhere to your brand guide.
Bespoke Graphics:
Two custom story and post graphics as a sign-up gift.
Highlights Graphics:
Five custom Instagram highlight graphics, designed for your brand.
Optimal Posting Times:
Maximize engagement with suggested posting times tailored to your audience.
Smart Scheduling:
Set it and forget it - once approved, your Smartsy Expert handles the scheduling and posting.
Competitor Insights:
Receive monthly updates and insights on your competitors.
Instagram Analytics:
Receive easy to understand analytics and reports.
Case Studies
Coastal Infusion
Health & Wellness
Coastal Infusion, a medical infusion company, had no presence on Instagram and struggled with building an audience and creating content. By partnering with Smartsy, they received comprehensive social media management, including target audience analysis, bespoke graphic creation, optimal posting times, and competitor insights.

Smartsy transformed Coastal Infusion’s Instagram from a blank page into a vibrant, engaging platform, enhancing their brand awareness and reach.
Amma Bear
Amma Bear, a new business in the fertility supplement market, needed to establish a thriving online presence despite its recent inception. Smartsy created a bespoke Instagram strategy that gave Amma Bear a unique and compelling brand identity, enhancing visibility and fostering customer trust. This approach helped Amma Bear appear well-established and engage with potential partners.
Elizabeth Milian
Trademark Attorney
Elizabeth Milian, a trademark attorney, struggled to find an effective social media solution after trying various expensive contractors. By switching to Smartsy's Full-Service Plan, she gained access to comprehensive social media management, including audience analysis, bespoke graphics, optimized posting schedules, and competitor insights.

This strategic approach kept her content more cohesive and smarter. As a result, her social media presence saw a significant boost, with increased followers and engagement, transforming her online profile into a professional and engaging platform, enhancing her brand visibility and client reach.